Top 10 - Women - Week 40

2016-10-14 17:27:54

Place #1 - Angie V

Place #2 - Monica Bellucci

Place #3 - Scarlett Johanson

Place #4 - Salma Hayek

Place #5 - Jennifer Lawrence

Place #6 - Sophia Miacova

Place #7 - Ximena Navarrete

Place #8 - Vanessa Hudgens

Place #9 - Penélope Cruz

Place #10 - Megan Fox

We have unexpected Results!!

This mean the we made an mistake, at the beginning we only show random pictures of all our database, It means that if someone has many photographs, have more opportunities to appear.
If the person in question was likely to win the matches, your score will rise faster. Otherwise, if the person was prone to lose games, your score down quickly.

For that reason we have changed our match selection algorithm to correct this problem and never happen again